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Rtist is Malaysians' creative platform, which connects businesses to the right local creative talent on demand- whether its Freelance, contract or permanent, through online talent-matching platform, www.rtist.co & handpick solutions.

Rtist is the creative talent platform that creates more exposure and opportunities to be visible online. 

Rtist是一个让企业轻松找到合适创意人才的好地方, 更是一个让设计师的才能被更多人看到的平台。 创意服务概括了十大领域,如平面设计,摄影服务,室内设计,文创,等等。企业能针对不同的需求,运用不同的聘请方式,全职(Permanent)、兼职(Freelancer)、项目(Project Basis)、日租(Daily Rental)、时租(Hourly Rental)及短期合约(Contract Basis)。

想找创意人才,想到Rtist !因为这里,肯定有适合你的人选!

Click to know more about Rtist www.rtist.co/about-us

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